A warm sense of belonging

If it is at the moment the atmosphere let me heartache, that it is I too too always melancholy and moody. Only vaguely hope for the future. There is a story, this is not willing to go alone to the lonely in autism, but the reality is so cruel, like a beautiful flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum brieflyLocal Express.

Do not remember how many times will utter not a single wordTeny Wu, silent into cold bone marrow where, by a smile face to face People are hurrying to and fro. of every hue. Just because I know that passing hurried is gone with the wind, dust, and a meet tilt Huan love can be as the sunrise and sunset like accompanied me.

May be I too believe that the so-called enduring as the universCanadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration, in that particular attachment, most incisive feel you don't have a gentle. Just don't understand why people are so easily change? I like a clown around the protagonist, to the end that the unfeeling can a contemptuous disregard my heart, and thus began what a sad journey.

I thought for a long time, my mind linger many unanswered melancholy, confused at a loss. Mess down in the pace of Yu Wen. Yesterdaypolo shirts for men, hovering in the dream life of the ferry, dancing in the heart yearning tears eyes, transient soul also soul scattered in the misty darknessSamsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases.

This is what a feeling, love is met, have know phase v., and Xu in SA posture fragrance. But the results are not only of people wish, I thin shadow moved alone. Is that if the two long, and is in every morning and evening really just won't work. Presumably, the opportunities are given their own, for you for me, what a pityAsian college of knowledge management.

Once so good, just at the moment it upside down. Who will bloom oath turned into a slip of the tongue, is you, a still turned not back, one doesn't scruple posture, like a sharp blade bitter thorn in my heart.

You say, in the near future will accompany me to witness a TianHuangDeLao love, to any love. And I will obey in every way to you, and let you feel happy, accompany you to walk through a day and a little bit of time, bearing in mind. But why do you want me to have lost, this time, who can smooth my love.

We all have the person of experience, I know how to be not easily won but don't know what you don't know? I love the people are derived from the loneliness, I think, when I night fuzzy orbital looking at your photos, you will not sleep, don't say a word with me are so extravagant?

by nanacan22 | 2013-12-06 13:15